A holiday for all seasons

In Barbados, the sun really does shine all year round. The average annual temperature is 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 30 degrees Celsius), which makes it a popular destination over the winter and spring months when visitors from less sunny climes come to enjoy the balmy temperatures and relax on the elegant golden beaches.

The summer and autumn months are slightly hotter with the occasional tropical showers that help to make this such a rich and verdant island.

Live the high life in high season

The high season of tourism in Barbados falls in the six months between mid-December and mid-April. During this time, the popular tourist areas bustle with activity and opportunities for adventure (although they are still far from crowded compared to destinations such as Puerto Rico or the Bahamas). This is when the hotels, shops and restaurants roll out the red carpet to offer the widest range of events and services, when the resorts resonate with entertainment and music, and when people come together from afar to enjoy perfect moments of paradise.

If you are thinking of visiting Barbados in the high season, we would always recommend that you book your flights, tours, transport and accommodation at least three months in advance.

Enjoy the true spirit of Barbados in low season

While the high season has much to offer, many visitors believe that Barbados truly comes into its own in the low season. At its best, Barbados is synonymous with the authentic Caribbean experience, a place where travellers can enjoy an unhurried pace of life, where they can take in the many sights and sounds that will stay in their memories forever.

Although the temperature rises during the low season, the Atlantic trade winds keep the weather pleasant. This is an ideal time for families to visit because the main resorts and tourist areas are less crowded and easier to navigate. There is also less competition when it comes to using the island’s many sports facilities, leisure amenities and restaurants.

Events and festivals

Barbados has a rich and eclectic calendar of events and festivals throughout the year. Popular high season festivities include Christmas, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter, as well as the Holetown Festival, which honours the 1627 founding of Barbados.

There are a number of low season festivals that attract visitors from around the world – these include the Crop Over Festival in July or August, and the Food, Wine and Rum Festival in November.